E-Book Farming with Awe

Farming with Awe’ looks at three related questions and briefly shows:

1. when did we take the wrong turning, both as farmers and society
2. which healthy boundaries were crossed in doing so
3. what are the prospects if we respect those boundaries

‘Farming with Awe’ intends to hold up a mirror. It calls for serious reflection and challenges us to take courageous decisions.

First and foremost, this booklet is aimed at people working in the field of agriculture. It can also be used in ‘green’ education programs. In a broader sense: not everyone is a farmer, but everyone eats. The message of this booklet challenges every reader to reflect on his or her own position and responsibility. How can we enable farmers in our neighborhood to work within healthy boundaries?

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  • Boeren met Ontzag (Farming with Awe) was first published in November 2016 and distributed to more than 20.000 subscribers of the main agricultural magazine in the Netherlands. Afterwards several thousand copies have been ordered by farmers, food and environmental organizations, schools, political parties, churches and theologians.